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Happy Summer Sun Celebration everybody!
What, they don’t celebrate that where you live?
In case it’s escaped your notice, I’ve been making holiday centered FlutterMac pics since December and I ran into a small issue where August doesn’t really have any holidays around where I am. I had thought of making a piece of Big Mac and Fluttershy at the Summer Sun Celebration, so I decided to make it for this month. Logically speaking the Summer Sun Celebration would probably be the summer solstice, but I was feverishly trying to get my already belated Father’s Day picture done when that event happened. Mid-summer isn’t to bad a time for the event either I think, so here we are.
Originally this was just going to be Flutters and Big Mac together, but much like my 4th of July pic where I reasoned it was weird for the two of them to have a cook out all by themselves and added their family’s, it seemed strange they’d go to Canterlot by themselves so I added the rest of the crew as well. Where is Twilight, you ask? Oh, she’ll be along in a minute
I’ve been posting these as an anonymous artist, and I keep thinking I should tag these as something more specific so they can be more easily found. I’ve decided to call this series FM Holidays. It doesn’t quite fit with the non-holiday pictures, but I’m fine with that.

safe2115788 anonymous artist4498 applejack196033 big macintosh32783 fluttershy251832 pinkie pie249813 rainbow dash272652 rarity212756 spike90584 dragon81126 series:fm holidays306 g41628087 crowd1475 eye reflection972 female1737494 fluttershy riding big macintosh28 hat off96 lineless5325 looking up22959 male528547 no pupils5608 open mouth224758 ponies riding ponies2798 reflection4502 riding8930 ship:fluttermac3852 shipping245701 silhouette3224 smiling375996 spread wings88196 stage4146 stairs2132 straight172255 summer sun celebration118 winged spike9882 wings207436


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