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Finally finished this! A follow up to my Ruby/Sapphire Pinkiedash sketch. These poses are redraws of scenes from the show, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

Celestia is Rose, obviously. And since Rose is Pink Diamind, the same applies to Celestia. Ponies in this AU are kind of amorphous and purely magical beings, so they can change their form as they see fit, or combine it through fusing. As Rose, Celestia has her lovely multicolored hair and lack of wings or horn to hide her alicornhood. While Pink Diamond form is a younger looking pink maned alicorn.

I mostly chose Twilight and Tia for this due to Rose and Pearl's relationship seems to share a few qualities. Their adoration for their loved one, their need to clean and tidy, and highly intelligent.

Tia and Twilight fuse into Cadance! It seems a little weird, but I find Cadance's design to be a near-perfect fusion of the two. Their similar/related color schemes is what really sold me on it.

Also, Greg is Shining Armor! Not a 100% sure if he'll stay Shining Armor, still debating between him and Flash.
safe1602083 artist:unoriginai773 princess cadance30814 princess celestia90565 shining armor21901 twilight sparkle286343 human145312 unicorn279695 anthro236784 alternate hairstyle25297 alternate universe9725 bedroom eyes54024 bipedal31293 blood22813 blushing180228 crossover58805 cute183921 dancing7744 female1274452 fusion4713 greg universe16 guitar4482 humanized95800 lesbian91198 male339062 musical instrument8354 nosebleed2194 pearl (steven universe)209 rainbow quartz (steven universe)6 rose quartz (steven universe)68 shiningcadance2390 shipping186458 simple background355198 steven universe1411 straight126372 transparent background184055 twiabetes10695 twilestia2473 unicorn twilight14071


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