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This was a pencil drawing made by Stratus35 which was originally a sketch that he din in his MLP Ship Requests spree drawing that he was offering to do to his followers and he did such a great job at it to. I made severals shipping which one of them was Applejack with the Flim Flam brothers, not sure how but I always loved those two rascals and their antics and AJ's stubborn steak at keeling them on the strait and narrow all the time is always fun to imagine. See the pencil sketch looked so good that I had to color it, but this time unlike the other one he did for me I decided to not go all out on the shading and just do the basic form shadows as simply as possible with using the basic colors for the shading on different layers set on Multiply and Overlay. This was a really good practice for me to try and simplify my rendering to save on time and take better into account light sources, in the early stages which didn't go as well as I hopped, but still yielded interesting results. I wanted to take a more animator approacher in the coloring instead of the more paintelly style that I usually do.
suggestive128097 artist:amalgamzaku66 applejack158896 flam2021 flim2141 earth pony199255 pony846175 unicorn266426 bed36329 blushing175967 cuddling7839 eyes closed80245 female899762 flamjack12 flim flam brothers1180 flimflamjack31 flimjack125 group sex13775 in bed178 lidded eyes25683 male305709 mare415767 missing accessory7448 mmf threesome1082 one eye closed25227 open mouth123201 pillow15455 polyamory6151 request3521 shipping184101 stallion92804 straight121736 threesome9159 toothpick99


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