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safe1639145 artist:manella-art320 rainbow dash226551 twilight sparkle291710 oc642906 oc:fire burst6 oc:fire planet3 oc:sunny moonlight54 alicorn211052 pegasus265990 pony904910 baby10046 baby pony6303 base used17610 female1304967 magical lesbian spawn11111 male351081 mare449671 newborn463 oc x oc14217 offspring36249 offspring shipping691 offspring's offspring514 parent:flim220 parent:oc:fire burst3 parent:oc:sunny moonlight3 parent:rainbow dash5229 parent:spitfire407 parent:twilight sparkle7838 parents:oc x oc1212 parents:spitflim6 parents:twidash705 shipping191534 stallion100637 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119916


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