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EDIT: The PMV has been unblocked on YouTube, go give it a watch there!

The Collaboratory’s latest PMV, "High Hopes", has been banned on multiple sites, such as YouTube and Vimeo, due to copyright issues with the song used.
Here’s a VP9 encode straight from the source file, enjoy!

Part 1 – Jack DC 93

Part 2 – Cloud Bringer

Part 3 – Ian Mitchell

Part 4 – Applejuice Pony

Part 5 – Shiron

Part 6 – Dr_Stables

Part 7&8 – TopJosh

Part 9 – ZX

Part 10 – Jarrodfeng

Part 11 – Jazz

Part 12&13 – Sketch Media

Part 14 – Tangerine Blast

Part 15 – DealFire

Part 16 – TheLightLeavesThee
safe (1460701)artist:the collaboratory (1)edit (103385)edited screencap (47045)screencap (180559)amira (276)apple bloom (44415)applejack (150586)big macintosh (25639)blaze (264)bon bon (14865)bow hothoof (803)bulk biceps (3073)cheerilee (8954)cup cake (3526)derpy hooves (46394)discord (27318)fancypants (1675)fleetfoot (1792)fluttershy (187475)gallus (4750)grand pear (198)granny smith (4743)haakim (103)huckleberry (273)lyra heartstrings (26499)moondancer (3956)november rain (420)ocellus (3735)pinkie pie (192380)princess cadance (28624)princess celestia (85083)princess luna (89369)rainbow dash (207280)rarity (160503)sandbar (4014)scootaloo (47310)shining armor (20387)silverstream (4491)sky stinger (405)smolder (5363)soarin' (12735)spike (70017)spitfire (12198)starlight glimmer (39331)sweetie belle (44626)sweetie drops (14839)tank (2475)thunderlane (3553)toe-tapper (207)torch song (201)tree of harmony (602)twilight sparkle (265713)twist (2697)vapor trail (774)windy whistles (1646)wrangler (71)yona (3851)zecora (8120)alicorn (170620)changedling (6178)changeling (34173)parasprite (1908)phoenix (1011)pony (725954)unicorn (216371)a canterlot wedding (2230)a friend in deed (593)applejack's "day" off (504)bats! (1642)bridle gossip (620)fluttershy leans in (428)friendship is magic (2300)hurricane fluttershy (806)leap of faith (678)magical mystery cure (2050)newbie dash (949)over a barrel (583)parental glideance (953)rarity takes manehattan (1319)school daze (2473)sisterhooves social (550)sonic rainboom (episode) (874)suited for success (690)swarm of the century (594)tanks for the memories (1335)the cutie mark chronicles (811)the cutie re-mark (2904)the perfect pear (1286)the return of harmony (1383)the ticket master (800)to change a changeling (684)winter wrap up (895)animated (86302)apple (13329)balloon (9009)bridesmaid dress (239)clothes (366733)cutie mark crusaders (16628)discorded (1342)dress (35936)female (787869)filly (52544)filly applejack (341)filly pinkie pie (277)food (53172)friendship student (1166)gala dress (4036)mane seven (5046)mane six (27174)music (2322)panic! at the disco (92)pmv (282)sonic rainboom (923)sound (5255)student six (1266)the ponytones (35)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (105195)unicorn twilight (8753)uniform (7936)vhs (149)video (607)wall of tags (1886)webm (7867)wonderbolts uniform (5014)wonderbolt trainee uniform (1049)younger (14193)youtube link (4357)


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