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These two are so cute together!

My headcanon is that hippogriffs and griffons are very similar species and can mate and raise young so I totally support this pairing. :3

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safe1613712 artist:aleximusprime1394 gallus6155 silverstream5634 bird7351 griffon25051 hippogriff8771 birb287 blushing182252 crush354 cute185939 diastreamies1151 female1284467 flying35526 gallabetes820 gallstream362 heart44553 hug26130 hug from behind401 love4575 male343120 one eye closed27034 one eye open97 pair150 pictogram1855 shipping188094 simple background360392 straight127640 transparent background186692 wink22649


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Background Pony #6A66
He's half bird and half cat and she's half bird and half pony…so if they had a kid, it would either be a cat-pony or a full-tilt bird!
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