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Made these back in 2013, but never posted them here.
safe1616439 artist:lonewolf3878230 applejack (g1)596 bowtie (g1)299 bubbles (g1)168 cherry treats18 firefly1668 glory270 gusty513 ice crystal41 majesty306 medley262 minty (g1)191 moondancer (g1)281 moonstone62 peachy96 posey681 sparkler (g1)272 starshine82 steamer (g1)25 sundance181 surprise2896 tornado (g1)10 trickles24 twilight575 wigwam19 earth pony216251 pegasus257558 pony884274 unicorn285569 big brother ponies76 blind bag1408 custom5724 female1286715 g114100 g1 six81 g1 to g43676 generation leap5494 irl68050 male344082 photo76484 repaint28 toy21287


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