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Decided to color in
because it was asking for it. Fixed a bunch of shading too… somebody should add a background.
semi-grimdark27906 artist:aphexangel210 color edit7024 derpibooru exclusive24437 edit119454 oc608168 oc only408562 lamia1806 original species21847 pony855455 snake pony541 buck legacy132 armor21799 asphyxiation1393 bandage5147 card art77 choking788 clenched teeth336 coiling212 coils962 colored17772 ear fluff24143 female1184978 gold941 japanese7965 jewelry52971 male324345 metal as fuck158 pain1695 princess2063 scar10475 scythe795 simple background348624 slit eyes3985 snake eyes144 tiara3259 transparent background180960 weapon27634


not provided yet


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