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Lotus on his last tick of health.
Gun depicted is an FG 42, early model.
semi-grimdark28133 artist:lucky dragon36 oc610555 oc only411966 oc:lotus59 bat pony43671 pony853084 fallout equestria15392 angry24208 armor21761 bat pony oc14418 bat wings6184 black and white12161 blood22725 bullet hole209 dexterous hooves568 fanfic10231 fanfic art13166 fangs22327 grayscale36132 gun14696 hooves16411 injured3145 male308472 monochrome148079 open mouth124464 pipbuck3273 solo979365 spread wings48252 stallion93875 traditional art110392 weapon27440 wings78280


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