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"If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it?"
"A secret! :D"
safe1584863 artist:badumsquish1961 derpibooru exclusive24430 sphinx (character)851 oc607905 sphinx1647 baby8927 baby sphinx3 badumsquish is trying to murder us161 cradle39 cub111 cute180948 eyes closed81231 fangs21808 female1184698 happy27989 headdress488 jewelry52947 licking18142 looking at each other17030 male324256 mother and daughter5126 mother and son2617 motherly135 offspring33989 open mouth125043 parent:sphinx (character)22 paw pads334 paws4278 pyramid327 riddle in the description5 show accurate11407 sitting55751 smiling217772 somnambula (location)136 sphinx oc480 sphinxdorable99 spots517 spread wings48337 statue2117 toe beans140 tongue out91614 trio7453 two-tone coat94 underpaw1380 wings80991


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northern haste
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Enter if you dare
And I just had a random thought that those kittens were actually ponies that she transformed using another one have her breath powers
Background Pony #A310
I just remembered your older picture of that other kid of the sphinx, how many does she have? Just the three?

Do these two have a dad in the works?
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Word Bug
That loving should be bold, italicized, and have the biggest pair of scare quotes around it ever.

And your eyebrows should definitely be waggling while typing it.
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