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"If I have it, I don’t share it. If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it?"
"A secret! :D"
safe (1413497)artist:badumsquish (1699)derpibooru exclusive (19888)sphinx (character) (683)oc (518000)baby (7534)baby sphinx (3)badumsquish is trying to murder us (153)cradle (38)cub (103)eyes closed (66890)fangs (17321)female (746907)happy (23429)headdress (400)jewelry (37933)licking (15312)looking at each other (12248)male (253239)mother and daughter (4094)mother and son (2073)motherly (111)offspring (28378)open mouth (102488)parent:sphinx (character) (16)paw pads (191)paws (3475)pyramid (253)show accurate (7640)sitting (45427)smiling (180339)somnambula (location) (105)sphinx (1287)spots (380)spread wings (40356)statue (1784)toe beans (92)tongue out (74664)trio (5866)two tone coat (17)underpaw (952)wings (51387)

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Background Pony #EDFA
That’s fine, having fun with your art is more important than paying meticulous attention to detail to ensure everything is completely consistent all of the time.
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Background Pony #EDFA
@Background Pony #13E9
To be fair, Badum has said that his version of the Sphinx can change her size at will.
For a pretty clear example of how much she can choose to change, here’re two examples on GMHAA presumably getting riddles wrong and paying the price. >>1623449 >>1908421 (just a warning though, both are explicit, as I couldn’t find a safe example of Badum’s Sphinx being small.)
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