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safe1639898 artist:velveagicsentryyt412 starlight glimmer46560 sunburst6324 oc643392 oc:cosmic26 oc:sunlay21 pony905528 unicorn295689 blaze (coat marking)1020 female1305639 glasses58304 glowing horn18251 horn55903 implied transformation404 implied transgender transformation171 levitation11424 magic69773 male351295 mare450008 offspring36279 parent:starlight glimmer1315 parent:sunburst1014 parents:starburst479 rule 6325849 sheepish grin294 shipping191626 socks (coat marking)2115 spell gone wrong321 starburst1133 stellar gleam102 straight130024 sunburst's glasses320 sungleam5 sunstone (g4 r63 sunburst)60 telekinesis26241


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Background Pony #8799
Papa Starlight needs to dictate, and Mama Sunburst needs to nurture, to their kids.