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Commission for Iamunknown.
suggestive (114796)artist:askbumpywish (380)princess celestia (84371)alicorn (167234)pony (712358)belly (20874)burger (1348)crown (11174)cutie mark (34525)eating (7679)female (774105)fetish (30339)food (52213)hoof shoes (2998)jewelry (40151)muffin (5845)multiple prey (639)peytral (1731)princess vorestia (352)regalia (12797)solo (885876)solo female (156208)vore (12324)


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Background Pony #DC11
@Background Pony #63E3
That’s a question I always ask myself too, if I see art tagged with vore but no identifiable remains left of the victims or pony shaped bulges in her bulging belly.

She might as well have stuffed herself silly with Hayburgers and Muffins, is pregnant or is simply overweight.

But if the Hayburgers and muffin are a clue I’d say Twilight Sparkle and Derpy Hooves.
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