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Yet another teaser sketch for "Three Tribes Total War" as I call it for now.

The top three are from Ryssia, or, in these times, simply Rys. When I presented some sort of noscans to make windigo crysis darker and edgier, one of my few russian followers said that this is like Kislev… And because of this I note that they are not. Well, they were until one insane idea made its way into my head, and now ryssians play in "you shall not pass" mostly with that zebra mongols, also because, you know, actually Russia is located more in the East of Europe than in the North (and does not deserve to be represented only with three cities… hmm, can this be called "Stalliongrad syndrome"?). So the burden of figting windigo followers lies on these guys from the lower part of the picture. Who they are? Sort of more mild and reasonable vikings who form varangian regiments, trade and, well, just see this picture. Also, thanks norscans and Mighty Helm ponies for the way to make these significant horns useful.
safe (1506029) artist:smt5015 (65) earth pony (174224) pegasus (214642) pony (782793) armor (20330) axe (1437) battle axe (166) bow (weapon) (1244) chainmail (182) club (254) description is relevant (708) grayscale (32708) headcanon in the description (84) helmet (8808) horned helmet (262) leather armor (93) monochrome (140385) norse (18) norse pony (28) pencil (3045) russia (709) scale armor (24) scale mail (14) shield (1898) sword (10056) traditional art (103859) viking helmet (182) weapon (25046)


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