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suggestive129442 artist:foxinshadow1069 princess celestia89715 rainbow dash220614 anthro233137 alicon21 bikini16350 body pillow3412 breasts245072 clothes413695 convention:alicon23 female1181304 irl63503 mare425867 nicole oliver162 photo71797 rainbow dash bikini94 signed80 swimsuit25596


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Background Pony #C86D
@Background Pony #A4DC

This is the VA who ran around sitting in people's laps with the microphone so they could better ask their princess a question while she cojoled them to donate more money to a charity.

She's not like, white-knighting the characters she voices, it's just a role she plays. So… what does she care? $10 is $10.

Now if the guy himself was a creeper, then maybe. But you'd be surprised at how normal some people asking for some weird shit signed otherwise pass.

Edit: It was the artist of this picture:
So I think they're cool with each other.
Background Pony #7513
Never got the appeal of these types of body pillows and I'll bet Nicole Oliver regrets having to do this.

@Background Pony #7C72
IKR? I wouldn't have called security (especially when it was discovered a certain scumbag was on staff of Bronycon), this is a case where I'd call the cops.
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Background Pony #B20D
Yeah this uh.

This is absolutely cringeworthy.

"Hi, here's a body pillow I have every intention of sleeping with and possibly grinding against, and it's an anthro version of your pony character- you know, for sexy. I'd like you to sign this sexual bastardization I'm going to molest."

that's not gutsy, that's call-the-security.
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