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Background Pony #43D1
for one 1. i agree with you. they should do more mlp fim games after they are done with g4 ponies that ended 2019.

2. the problem it's too expensive,& charge you in buying a mobile game.

3. they should not charge you, or is the game is expensive instead make it cheaper. buying cheaper mobile game is easy & is better then expensive.

4. they should lower the cost instead of raising higher cost. it's better to lower the cost. to cut the prices down. keeping the pricees high is a problem.
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I always thought a 3D collectathon like Spyro or Banjo-Kazooie would be good. Or a 2D platformer along the lines of Shantae or Monster Boy.
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@Goddess Erosia

As much as I would love a real video game based on FiM. No, they would not make more money. Mobile games with microtransactions make a ton of cash for very little effort. They can just quickly slap together a character and then charge prices like this…

Even one person buying them is pure profit. And it wouldn't just be one fan of course. Now think of all the time and money an AAA game would take to create and they wouldn't charge much more then that Alicorn Pinkie Pie model.

Then there's the costs of producing the discs/cards (if it gets a physical release) and the marketing.
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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
@Background Pony #AC9C



Why not ALL of these things? Including the mario-party thing?

I swear, Hasbro is so stupid for not commissioning a studio to do something like this. The closest they've gotten with G4 is the Gamesloft mobile game, and I think a stupid reskin of monopoly that just had a bunch of ponies on the cards. As in, a video game version of the board game.

Hasbro WASTED such a golden opportunity to make a great series of mainstream, high quality MLP games in response to the sudden popularity of the IP they experienced through Friendship is Magic. I'm telling you, with the rise of "the Brony", they could have made a publishing deal with virtually any studio to make a mainstream AAA video game of some kind and it would have been a best seller. Hell it might have even make more money than the damn show did for them depending on how it was designed or if it inspired other games.

They don't even need to get serious with the lore or anything, they can just make a bunch of silly stand-alone adventures of some kind that just profit by using as many fan favorite characters as possible to attract people to it.

I know I keep harping on the damn mario party thing but really I think this would have been the perfect thing to appeal to a mass audience. Just call it Pony Party, it wouldn't even need a serious narrative, just have the setting and all the characters and some silly minigames on a board and you'd be set. They could even wrap in some of the friendship themes in there as well with the way teams could be set up, do you know how much shipping fuel we would get from that? Having the freedom to pair any two characters together?

It'd also be funny to see two people working together who really shouldn't be, like a begrudging team effort. Like Cadence and Chrysalis. When they won a minigame their animations on the podium could be fighting over "who really won that for the team" while if you put Twilight in there the two would just be hugging or something. You could add a lot of personality to a game like this.
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Background Pony #1BE2

Unfortunately this series came out in a time when mobile games with microtransactions became popular. If it had existed a decade earlier, we would have gotten some decent games.
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