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After weeks and weeks of work, this one is finally finished! I wanted to make something special in celebration for the upcoming 2K follower milestone on twitter, but seeing this finished I couldn't wait to show it for you guys! I hope you all like it!
suggestive129462 artist:longinius738 princess celestia89716 alicorn199149 anthro233235 adorasexy8450 alternate hairstyle24775 big breasts70954 bra14241 braided tail1018 breasts245162 bridal lingerie70 bride280 busty princess celestia9291 choker9683 chubby12743 chubbylestia806 cleavage31372 clothes413882 crying40161 cute180785 cutelestia3247 ear piercing22185 earring18322 evening gloves7542 female1181810 frilly underwear4118 gloves17566 hand on chest322 huge breasts33149 jewelry52917 lace717 lingerie9585 long gloves4658 looking at you147368 monochrome142856 necklace15808 panties46207 pearl necklace1024 piercing35498 praise the sun1916 pudgy103 ribbon6465 ring2336 rose petals173 sexy25152 sitting55727 socks57542 solo980982 solo female168788 spread wings48322 stupid sexy celestia1482 tears of joy2158 teary eyes3405 thigh highs29009 thighs9077 tiara3255 underwear55589 wedding ring694 wide hips14006 wings80913


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