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After weeks and weeks of work, this one is finally finished! I wanted to make something special in celebration for the upcoming 2K follower milestone on twitter, but seeing this finished I couldn’t wait to show it for you guys! I hope you all like it!
suggestive (111498)artist:longinius (507)princess celestia (82764)alternate hairstyle (20841)anthro (197793)big breasts (55347)bra (12137)braided tail (747)breasts (199036)bridal lingerie (22)bride (127)busty princess celestia (7716)choker (7023)chubby (11324)chubbylestia (649)cleavage (26912)clothes (350142)crying (35268)cute (145023)cutelestia (2596)ear piercing (16523)earring (14076)evening gloves (6614)female (745477)frilly underwear (3714)gloves (13996)hand on chest (226)huge breasts (25241)jewelry (37848)lace (574)lingerie (8306)long gloves (3330)looking at you (118274)monochrome (133503)necklace (11962)panties (41030)pearl necklace (689)piercing (27797)praise the sun (1615)pudgy (72)ribbon (5453)ring (1597)rose petals (139)sitting (45337)socks (48379)solo (866219)solo female (153558)spread wings (40284)stupid sexy celestia (1189)tears of joy (1673)teary eyes (2227)thigh highs (23004)thighs (4308)tiara (2293)underwear (49005)wedding ring (470)wide hips (11533)wings (51209)


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