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safe (1443900)artist:dunnstar (21)edit (101189)editor:undeadponysoldier (893)apple bloom (44050)pipsqueak (2587)scootaloo (46959)spike (69391)sweetie belle (44241)dragon (38966)earth pony (153442)pegasus (193195)pony (711901)unicorn (209806)blushing (156051)crush (327)cutie mark crusaders (16442)female (773737)line of sight (1)looking at each other (12919)male (262546)shipping (166527)spikebelle (642)straight (110740)text (41432)


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Spike shipper
Wh y does everyone keep removing the line of sight tag when it really has nothing to do with me pointing out that this is shipping?

The line of sight is that line I used to measure where sweetie belle is looking it really has nothing to do with pointing out that this is shipping.
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If you’re losing so much sleep over this, just go ask the artist on the public comments of their source. With lack of context, the implied shipping is more than enough to describe a picture.