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Rough sketch for a request for mariodashrko on DA

He wants rainbow dash getting her shorts pulled down by twilight.

"Want some more ketchup for your BUNS Dashie?" pulls RD's swimtrunks down with magic

This took longer than I wanted to complete. More due to life getting in the way than the piece itself. So that bottle will be ketchup and Dash will have the mustard. Both have hotdogs. It isn't because of any anti-vegan thing I have. It just kind of fits the beach setting this piece evolved into.
suggestive129496 artist:supra80404 twilight sparkle284893 alicorn198232 anthro233910 bikini16153 breasts243512 busty twilight sparkle10664 clothes414541 food61831 grayscale36183 hot dog418 ketchup270 magic66587 meat1701 monochrome148286 ponytail15857 sauce360 sausage433 sketch59910 swimsuit25236 traditional art110704 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116291 wings79069


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