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Artist’s description:
The previous poll winner was MLP art, So i’m starting a small series of poster like pictures that depict each season basically, with a lot of easter eggs and a theme dealing with the season. Plus since MLP will come to a close, i’d like to talk about my experience with the show and my opinion of the season as a whole.

Man it’s been so long since the show started and i became a fan of it. An old friend of mine got into mlp and introduced it to me and my other friends, naturally we were skeptical and at the time, i grew out of my phase of watching dumb lesson of the day, random children shows. The only things i started to like were story driven like avatar, anime and some live action shows aswell. I gave it a try cause i havn’t found a good show in a while so i was bored and tried it out. At the time i started, season 2 was over and it was in the mist of the hiatus to season 3. At first i thought it was meh, like how i predicted, lesson of the day for very young kids, but i kept watching cause like i said, i was bored. As i kept going i begin to enjoy it more because for one, the shows cartoony animation was kind a joy to watch, CNs animation kinda took a downturn so it was pleasent to see it, then i noticed that the jokes were geniunely funny, coupled with the animation and it became a joy to watch, but most importantly what it did, was actually teach good lessons, yea some were obvious but some were also ones you wouldnt hear in a kids show because they would simplify the answer to dumb it down. Those lessons over time really impacted me because, not many people know but, i used to be a bully. not a "gimme yer lunch money or ill punch you" bully, but a manipulative one, i manipulated old friends against each other for my own gain because i wanted toys or money or just the title of ’best friend’ and it unfortunately carried over into my highschool years (which is when i started watching mlp). In school theres no course for being a good person (barely any course for important real life stuff in general) So its not like i was taught well how to treat others, its was usually just said "be good or else" which is not the right way to teach a kid things. In the end MLP slowly showed me what i was doing wrong and from that i strengthened my relationships with my closet friends.

But enough personal crap lets talk about the season itself. In general its a fine season, nothing wrong but nothing spetacular yet. Since its the first season and like with every show, the first season is usually the "worst" because the writers are still getting their footing and figuring out what they want to do or what the fans think. Its funny seeing how things have changed like for one AJS voice sounds so much younger then later one, seriously compare S1 AJ ro S9 AJ, they could practically be seperate VAs.

My opinions of the mane 6 were pretty cut and dry, mostly because Season 1 didnt give much character developement for them outside there stereotypical roles for the most part. like Twis the nerd, Flutter the shy one, AJ the cowboy, rarity the princess, Pinkie the goof and rainbow the jock. Which is fine i liked them for the most part if i were to list them at the time itd be AJ,Pinkie,twilight,flutter,RD,Rarity. I think i liked AJ most because she was confident and straightforward, always cutting to the chase and not taking any bull. Rarity was my least fave because she was the pompous pamped trope so her shtick got annoying quick (funny enough she becomes like my 2nd fav by season 9 0.0) also speaking of annoying RDs voice to a long time for me to get used to, i just didnt like how scratchy it was , i kept wanted her to clear her throat lol.

But one thing that wasn’t annoying was what i argue the show was best at, songs. now at first the songs were ok just  a laughing moment cause pinkie pie was silly, but then we got winter wrap up (i still listen to versions/remixes of it today) Art of the dress and at the gala, god those are fantastic. and they only continued to get better with each season.

in short, Season 1 of mlp its just an average season with funny goofs and some genuine goodadvice for young people (or idiot highschoolers) But it only got better once I started Season 2 c:
(coming soon)
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Season 1, while not the best season, was still a lot of fun. It provided the basic groundwork for what came after, and was a breath of fresh air in an otherwise cynical time.
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