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explain this writing or admit that this season is garbage.
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Background Pony #5C02

You’re joking right? They’ve had countless new writers on with every season for years and it’s blatantly obvious they don’t know very much about the previous seasons and characters when they write these things. It’s also Jim Miller’s job as the director to make sure things are consistant, so writing that is all over the place for years is squarely on the shoulders of the writers and him.
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The Induvidual Human
@Background Pony #CA5E
WHAT? No, I wouldn’t! Fanfiction is just a written story like any other. Meant to capture an experience or express emotion or the author’s liking of the source material, stuff like that. I have even less of a reason to criticize fanfiction. Who cares, it’s for fun, I won’t shit on them for some hobby writing!
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The Induvidual Human
Well, it’s not the fault of the ones who wrote it, you are given a bible, you choose how to interpret it. A part of it is pretty much deducated to YMMV about people’s opinions, and how srupid/extreme they get.
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Background Pony #CA5E
@Train Dodger
Imagine someone reading a story about Superman killing civilians and instead calling out the writer for not knowing his source material, he is calling it "brilliant writing"
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i guess it’s what happens when celestia picks proteges based entirely on them having "more raw power than any pony she’s ever encountered" instead of morals, intelligence, mental stability or leadership abilities.

personally i think tv tropes is the worst thing to ever happen to fandoms as a whole. it reduces people’s interpretations of media to a basic checklist of "these tropes = good, these tropes = bad".
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Background Pony #A9FE
@Background Pony #0EF4
Oh for fuck’s sake facial expressions are not fucking memes

When people call them "meme faces", they mean faces that are essentially made stupid and have the potential to become memes. For example Rainbow Dash’s "SO AWESOME" face is a meme. Why? Because it’s so odd/unique looking that people spammed it. Stop thinking it doesn’t fit the criteria of a "meme face" just because the internet hasn’t turned it into a meme. The point is it COULD become a meme just like anything can become a meme. Happy to clear that up for you :)


@Background Pony #0EF4
Just because we made it one does not mean it was meant to be one

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