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james-pwyll asked : I’m guessing that you had quite a few ideas for character designs or just general appearance details that might never have made it into the final EqG animations, but were there any in particular that you would really have wanted to see put out? If you had absolute control in the matter?

Hmm, sort of, I guess? The style was both established in the first EG movie, but had also evolved away a little bit from the flat graphic style to a slightly more dimensional, “realistic” style by LoE. So most of the corrections or character details I would have liked to change were mostly about updating the older builds to be more cohesive with the newer design style– a lot of which we did when the first season got underway. I can personally attest that a lot of background incidentals got new legs (because I did the rotations for all of them). I know we tried to give Flash a very slight face modification to be more in line with the newer design style you see with, say, Timber, but people were concerned it might be confusing for the audience, especially with the bigger makeover, so we kept his original face. (I did design a slightly modified profile with a more defined chin and jaw that got approved and sent to builds, but for some reason wasn’t built, so it never saw the light of day.)

Generally speaking, anything I personally would have changed would have been to do with style cohesion. Except for a couple things, I guess.

(PS! They would have had shorter legs, and individual body types.)
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Background Pony #825C
"After Selena’s design I can’t see her any other way"

Could someone here please be kind enough to link me to said design? This one is super cute, and I’d love to see what inspired it.
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Was that new design for Flash the one we saw in that first CYOA short? I wish they would have kept that.

Also shorter legs and different body types. That would be great.
Maybe if EQG gets a sequel for Gen 5, they could put that to the rest.
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