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safe (1411529)artist:thomaszoey3000 (76)sci-twi (18449)timber spruce (1637)twilight sparkle (257207)comic:abandoned (4)equestria girls (157139)equestria girls series (23092)car (4491)clothes (349989)female (745065)geode of telekinesis (2045)glasses (46190)magical geodes (5313)male (252543)ponytail (12922)shipping (161921)shoes (23455)skirt (31089)straight (107949)timbertwi (336)


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Sci-Twi Lover
Bah! I was also have plans to upload all of the pages of this comic series as well since this artist wasn’t uploading his stuffs right here for a long time. Oh, nevermind, I’ll let you uploaded it anyway. :P
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