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Me: "Umm… a Watermelon flavored Icee from Wawa?"

So I’ve been busy these past few days, so when I was heading home today to rejoin the pony artist space, I came across sjart117’s OC, Watermelana, who must have discovered my frozen bev and how it has the same colors as a watermelon’s inside.

I got the idea because I recall seeing something about England not having Slurpees (not sure about icee’s or something similar, but still wanted to roll with it), so I thought I’d roll with it.  Plus I’m pretty sure there aren’t any frozen carbonated drinks in the pony world.

Watermelana belongs to SJArt117

I do not own My Little Pony Friendship is Magic or the Characters.  I’m just another brony.  ENJOY!  ^^


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🇬🇧 A Real Nowhere Man
Ah this is awesome! Thank you so much!
In the UK, Slurpees are called Slushies, I believe. If that’s the same thing.
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