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~~~~~~~ Topsy: Chaos! Let's go play outside! Chaos: No thanks, Tops.. I'm cool in here. Topsy: Look, no pony is gonna make fun of your eye hole, Chaos! *grabs hold of him and pushes her cheek to his in a tight hug* You're the prince, come on! Dad would probably send them to another dimension if they even snicker at you! Besides, it's just a missing eye; could be worse! Chaos: What's worse than having only one eye? Topsy: Not having ANY eyes! Imagine that.. just two empty eye holes sitting on your face! Eww *laughing* Chaos: … That's... not helping. Topsy: Oh, sorry... Fine, hold on! *runs off, comes back holding a black cloth* Put this on like an eyepatch! We can play Pirates! No pony will ever even know you don't have an eye under there. *ties the cloth around his head* Chaos: … Wow. That's actually a good idea. Thank you, sis.. Topsy: What are sisters for? *smiles* Now come on, lets go play! ------- Giving little filly Topsy a fluffy ponytail is just the cutest <3 omg


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