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Name: Soda Pop
Nickname: Soda, Pop, Mr. Grump
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
- Princess Twilight Sparkle
- Princess Tempest
- Bubble (Twin Sister)
- Starshine (Step Sister)

Soda was born 2 minutes before his sister, Bubble. Although they may technically be twins, they're almost the complete opposite. Soda is the type of pony to study as soon as his teacher announces a test or quiz and Bubble just wings it — using the study time to bother her brother while he studies. He's a very quiet and moody pony, he only really gets along with his parents and twin sister, not much Starshine because he doesn't see a reason to get along with her. He tolerates her, but he just doesn't talk much with her unless he really needs to. Although he'd hate to admit it, he's actually jealous of Star — she's a strong pony who has been through a lot and still manages to put a smile on her face and ace every test that comes her way without the need to study — it was obvious that she had Twilight's smarts. He still aced all of his tests and such — but on the inside he really wished he could spend more time with his family. When not studying, he'd usually sit in his room until Bubble came bursting in to start up some chatter or ask to play with him and he'd just nod and watch her do whatever she was planning.

Base by: ElementBases


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