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Good Morning!
Muffin is super excited when the only pony with the same energy, Skye Painter, comes back to Ponyville.
Fluttershy X Big Mac — Lilly
Applejack X Caramel — Golden Caramel
Rainbow Dash X Soarin — Skye Painter
Pinkie Pie X Cheese Sandwich — Muffin
Sunset Shimmer X Flash Sentry — Fire Wisp
Rarity X Spike — Jewell
Twilight Sparkle X Comet Tail — Star Swish
safe1615526 artist:tech-kitten11 artist:wispyaxolotl47 oc626982 oc only418250 oc:fire wisp8 oc:golden caramel5 oc:jewel109 oc:lilly58 oc:muffin21 oc:skye painter5 oc:star wish3 dracony6016 earth pony215868 hybrid16274 pegasus257237 pony883327 unicorn285186 base used16823 bow25822 female1286017 filly61614 freckles26191 hair bow14155 interspecies offspring6480 next generation5820 not applejack155 offspring35368 parent:applejack3486 parent:big macintosh2792 parent:caramel732 parent:cheese sandwich1655 parent:comet tail171 parent:flash sentry2736 parent:fluttershy4311 parent:pinkie pie3729 parent:rainbow dash5132 parent:rarity3744 parent:soarin'2255 parent:spike2043 parent:sunset shimmer1335 parent:twilight sparkle7672 parents:carajack689 parents:cheesepie1421 parents:cometlight135 parents:flashimmer207 parents:fluttermac1195 parents:soarindash1696 parents:sparity1291


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