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Pinkie Pie – Laughter
Rainbow Dash – Loyalty
Applejack – Honesty
Fluttershy – Kindness
Rarity – Generosity
Twilight Sparkle – Friendship
Sunset Shimmer – Empaty
Trixie Lulamoon – Humility
Starlight Glimmer – Justice
Derpy Hooves – Wisdom
safe (1424871)artist:3d4d (876)applejack (147309)derpy hooves (45825)fluttershy (183593)pinkie pie (188479)rainbow dash (203291)rarity (157094)starlight glimmer (37797)sunset shimmer (50489)trixie (55906)twilight sparkle (259502)alicorn (162458)boast busters (860)equestria girls (159143)princess twilight sparkle (episode) (2441)rainbow falls (1487)the cutie map (3601)mane six (26261)saddle bag (4357)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101435)


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