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suggestive (114935)artist:fatfurparadise (121)starlight glimmer (38859)twilight sparkle (263580)anthro (203674)unguligrade anthro (37868)bingo wings (1216)butt grab (1958)butt touch (2065)chubby cheeks (2536)doorway (229)embarrassed (8941)fat (17854)grope (9313)hand on butt (1852)huge ass (6437)impossibly large ass (5415)large ass (10181)looking back (42644)morbidly obese (6057)obese (9112)princess twilard (354)pushing (592)stuck (1954)the ass was fat (11229)the ass was too fat (159)too fat to get through (35)twilard sparkle (1014)twilight has a big ass (173)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104104)


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Starlight: This all comes from eating too much.

Twilight: Oof! It all comes from not making these doors big enough.

Starlight: Hhhnnnngg! Your butt is too big!

Twilight: No, this door is too narrow.
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