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suggestive132453 artist:fatfurparadise135 starlight glimmer45567 twilight sparkle288040 anthro239721 unguligrade anthro44334 bingo wings1895 butt grab2306 butt touch3310 chubby cheeks3312 doorway330 embarrassed10529 fat20609 female1284462 grope11783 hand on butt2491 huge butt8734 impossibly large butt6608 large butt14288 looking back51836 morbidly obese7200 obese10671 princess twilard401 pushing756 stuck2388 the ass was fat12951 the ass was too fat269 too fat to get through51 twilard sparkle1238 twilight has a big ass334 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118252


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Starlight: This all comes from eating too much.

Twilight: Oof! It all comes from not making these doors big enough.

Starlight: Hhhnnnngg! Your butt is too big!

Twilight: No, this door is too narrow.
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