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safe1617212 edit123185 edited screencap59281 screencap211000 apple bloom47535 applejack162749 big macintosh27101 discord29508 fluttershy203168 granny smith5131 pinkie pie207650 rainbow dash224210 rarity173910 starlight glimmer45685 twilight sparkle288507 alicorn206409 fame and misfortune1015 friendship is magic2640 going to seed701 it's about time700 the cutie re-mark3085 the return of harmony1534 chaos1154 conflict in literature6 discorded landscape236 future twilight1016 golden oaks library4673 hoers mask277 irl68061 mask5886 meme79654 photo76510 super speedy cider squeezy 600094 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118464


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