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suggestive130759 artist:uotapo895 applejack161186 pinkie pie205844 rarity172358 equestria girls185112 2 panel comic893 black underwear3420 blushing179692 bra14508 breasts249048 clothes419259 comic102285 crop top bra941 female1272041 frilly underwear4131 green underwear926 implied lesbian3117 implied rarijack417 implied shipping4504 japanese8012 panties46652 pony ears1382 translation request1263 underwear56235 undressing4825 white underwear3231


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Artist -

I'm inclined to believe you, but seeing that AJ is clearly nude in that second panel, I'm safely betting that it's sexual in nature Not to mention the artists' tendency to make NSFW content, I'm sure there are nudes associated with this, though I can't confirm that…
Regardless, it makes sense…if you're into that sort of thing.
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Wallet After Summer Sale -

Not necessarily "get off" as it's not sexual (although I'm sure there are some). But there are people who enjoy and take comfort in the scent of people they are romantically attracted to. Most often it's shown with a girl who wears a boyfriend's shirt.
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"Cafeteria Song" を終えて
うちでまとめて 洗ってこようか?
ラリティが着た服、すっごい良い匂いが する

After "Cafeteria Song"
Would you like to wash it together at home?
Clothes worn by Rarity smell very good.

OCR + Google Translate.
Not sure if fully accurate but I guess it keep sense.
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Background Pony #C4E0
The last panel looks more like Applejack was gonna go streaking due to losing a bet and she's worried that someone might see her.
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Wallet After Summer Sale -

Well, I don't know the exact wording, but I'm guessing that Applejack offered to wash Rarity's outfit, and is sniffing her sweater on account of her crush.
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