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safe (1411528)artist:fenrox (69)rarity (155816)sweetie belle (43088)oc (517288)oc:rox (10)belly button (58839)big breasts (55317)blushing (151469)breasts (198896)busty rarity (9295)canon x oc (18376)clothes (349989)date (692)eyes closed (66705)happy (23364)huge breasts (25229)human (129184)humanized (87416)impossibly large breasts (11989)miniskirt (3619)pleated skirt (3281)ponytail (12922)skirt (31089)thighs (4303)underwear (48979)


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Undead dragon soldier's avatar
Undead dragon soldier

Spike shipper
Spike is gonna be pissed unless if their actually on their way to let sweetie belle have a play date with him, like maybe in this universe spike and sweetie belle are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Seems fair enough.
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Background Pony #25D5
Good progress Rox.
When you have the approval of your girlfriend’s little sister/brother, that means you took a big step.

Now we must see what Rarity’s parents think…
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Background Pony #25D5
Rox: Tell me Sweetie,
What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sweetie: I want to be a lovely girlfriend just like my sister and then I will marry a handsome boyfriend.

Rox: I’m sure you’ll find a great boyfriend.

Sweetie: When I grow up, mine will be bigger than Rarity’s and then I’ll date an even more handsome boyfriend!

Rarity: Sweetie! Don’t be so greedy.

Sweetie: ….but I won’t be as vain as Rarity.

(Fox and Sweetie laugh while Rarity gets upset) XD
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