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I didnt know what to draw and a friend on discord answered super fast with fluerdance.
I have neither drawn cadence or fleur before so this was super fun.~———-~Fleur said something smart and dared Cadence to wear a collar while going for their walk, she thought Cadence would back down but Fleur ended up the one embarrassed walking through the streets.
safe (1412832)artist:pastel-pony-pictures (73)fleur-de-lis (3000)princess cadance (27826)alicorn (159766)blushing (151671)choker (7028)collar (24272)cutie mark (32964)female (746162)fleurdance (17)gray background (4815)horn (24425)infidelity (4331)key (498)lesbian (80413)lidded eyes (18132)lock (162)lock collar (2)mare (327283)padlock (366)pony (677503)public (1155)shipping (162036)simple background (286405)unicorn (197354)wings (51310)


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