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The Second part of underwater exploration Cadence trying to explore some underwater fauna for better understanding of seapony life.
NSFW version you can find here: Patreon
Watch me here:
safe1585249 artist:discordthege272 princess cadance30462 alicorn199303 manta ray30 pony855463 bubble4526 butt32189 clothes414186 commission54789 diving281 dock44352 female1184991 flank1252 horn47412 mare426387 ocean5543 rebreather41 respirator170 scenery7323 scuba165 small horn201 solo981484 swimsuit25637 underhoof46723 underwater4546


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As princess cadence was swimming with some sea creatures when she wonders if a sting by a manta ray was responsible for the killing of Steve Irwin.
Background Pony #2187
At this rate I'm going to have to make a "beautifully drawn underwater ponies" album/gallery. Your stuff and stasushka's are too good.
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Background Pony #4000
>The Second part
hopefully this one isn't the last because these pictures are truly awesome.
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