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I know I probably don’t have to say this again but this is still edited with permission.

The original image of this was rated suggestive and if the original’s going to be suggestive then please keep
this rated suggestive as well I want to keep it like the original.
suggestive (113230)artist:thepianistmare (200)edit (99306)editor:undeadponysoldier (877)silver spoon (5823)spike (68623)oc (525812)oc:klavinova (312)dragon (37823)earth pony (148627)pony (699128)anime sweat drop (4)awkward (810)bedroom eyes (44414)bowtie (7275)butt (9605)canon x oc (18743)cuffs (clothes) (916)female (761128)filly (50601)jewelry (39175)lucky bastard (1800)male (258374)mare (335901)necklace (12292)pearl necklace (729)plot (64980)shipping (164660)silverspike (32)simple background (291144)spike gets all the fillies (16)spike gets all the mares (613)spikenova (20)straight (109595)sweat (19918)sweatdrop (1921)white background (72267)

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