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Page 103 – Grand Line, Part 3

Guest author: DragonTrainer

Story time! Tell a Bard story, or a story about a "traveling BLANK" character.

Natalie: Trixie’s story begins several years ago when she was but a filly. Her town was destroyed by a horde of Timber Wolves! She used to be ostracized, however. Twas due to her draconic blood. After journeying far and wide, she made a startling discovery. She was the last descendant of an ancient unicorn civilization!
Applejack: Oh, fer pete’s sake.
Rainbow Dash: Look, we don’t need your whole life story right now. Just tell us a bit about your abilities already.
Natalie: Very well. If you must know, Trixie is a Unicorn Sorceress. Her cutie mark is a star-tipped magic wand spreading stardust, which she earned by defeating an Ursa Major!
DM: You defeated an Ursa Major?
Natalie: Yes.
DM: On your own.
Natalie: That’s right.
DM: At 1st level?
Natalie: What’s wrong with that?
DM: … Um…
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