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Page 106 — Grand Line, Part 6

Guest author: DragonTrainer

This sabbatical will last until the beginning of May, so I still need a few more guest pages so that you guys don't lack for content.

The floor's open to artists and writers. I need five pages at a minimum, and the first one will launch on April 19th. Good luck!

For those of you that want to submit guest comics, send your concept or script to spud@spudlink.net. If it doesn't conflict with anything I might have planned, you'll be good to go.

At the end of the day, the only requirement is that the image width is at most 800 pixels. Whether it's your own art or screencaps is up to you.

Cory: Oh, yeah. Almost forgot about equipment.
DM: … What. There's no way you can afford even half of these.
Cory: Between level adjustment, government funding, and a feat I found in a 3rd party book, I should have enough.
Applejack: Cory, there's no such thing as level adjustment in 4e. Even if there was, don'tcha think yer overdoin' it just a bit with 1/2 unicorn 'n 1/2 pegasus?
Cory: Is it really that bad? Well, I did make another character, but I scrapped him cause I thought he was underpowered.
Applejack: Well why didn't ya say so? Lemme see… you're kiddin' me. You call that under powered?! What in tarnations is a Feral Earth Pony and how you affordin' that hitchin' saddle o' strength, anyway?!
Cory: Well, I thought maybe I could work at your farm and get a share of that steady income you've got going on.
DM: Sigh Luke, please tell me you're almost done.
Twilight Sparkle: Oh, he's done alright.
safe1585240 artist:dragontrainer1338 artist:newbiespud1322 edit119454 edited screencap57181 screencap206053 big macintosh26696 mare do well941 owlowiscious1918 twilight sparkle283618 earth pony205359 owl885 pony855459 unicorn273322 comic:friendship is dragons1480 applebuck season771 the mysterious mare do well619 apple14898 bandage5147 building2174 cape9216 clothes414184 collaboration4850 comic101321 dialogue59523 female1184984 food62117 freckles25341 glow3931 hat77124 looking up14230 male324350 mare426385 screencap comic4246 stallion94212 straw in mouth855 tree28246 unicorn twilight13599 unshorn fetlocks21780 yoke305


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