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Page 108 – Grand Line, Part 8

Guest author: DragonTrainer

I’ve got a few guest comics lined up now, but there’s still room for more. Send your ideas to <removed>@removed>.<…> and I’ll work with you. The only requirement is that the final image width is within 800 pixels (and that it fits the theme of Friendship is Dragons, of course).

Rarity: An owl! Think of all the interesting roleplaying that could happen.
DM: No.
Pinkie Pie: Adding him to the party would be such a hoot!
DM: No.
Rainbow Dash: I didn’t know there were other playable races. Hey, where can I find the Griffin race?
Luke: Page 19 of this book.
DM: No.
Fluttershy: My Animal Empathy feat works on him too, right?
DM: No. Wait. I mean… Luke cannot play an owl!
Rainbow Dash: Why not?
DM: It doesn’t fit the setting!
Luke: Well, I did have another character concept in mind. Don’t worry. This one’s a pony.
Rainbow Dash: So this thing here improves flying speed?
Luke: That’s right. Had to take the flaw Big Eater to afford it, though.
DM: Hahaha… No.
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