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Page 109 – Grand Line, Part 9

Guest author: DragonTrainer

And that ends this arc! Hope you enjoyed it.

From what I’ve heard, some more guest pages are currently in the works, but it’s uncertain as to whether or not they’ll be delivered by the next update. If the worst should come to pass, I’ll have some backup content ready to go on those days.

DM: Oh, wow. Look at the time. We should wrap this up soon.
Rainbow Dash: Wrap what up? We haven’t even started yet.
Cory: I should get going. Got relatives to pick up at the airport.
Applejack: Be right with ya in a sec, ah’right?
Luke: Hey, mind if I use your washroom?
DM: Third door on the left.
Pinkie Pie: Aww… you’re going already? Will you join in on the next one?
Rarity: It would certainly be a pleasure to have you with us next time.
Natalie: I had fun too, so sure. Why not?
DM: Yeesh! I know you warned me, but-
Applejack: Yeah yeah. Ah know, but c’mon. He’s still my cousin, ya know.
Twilight Sparkle: I can’t help but notice that I was doing the same thing they did. Is-is that a problem? I mean…
Applejack: Yer not seriously worried about that, are ya? Trust me. Yer nowhere near as bad as those guys. ’sides, there ain’t nothing wrong with wantin’ tah play a strong character. We’re proud tah have such a powerful ’n talented player in our group.
Twilight Sparkle: …Thanks.
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