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Title: [Extended#3] Sci-Twi [Mistress of sexiness] [sockless version]

The third extended animation in EqG universe made by me.
Sunset wants to take some hot pictures of Sci-Twi on their very last camp in everfree forest,
but instead of making such photos shes staring and teasing her while Sci-Twi is completely embarrassed… ♥

Alternative version with [socks on] Sci-Twi

This animation was inspired on the one of the most hot and underrated images I have found on derpibooru!
If you appreciate my animations, please give some love back to this image as well!
Thank you so freaking much artist:luqas for making such an awesome image!

Derpibooru community challange! Achieved ✓
If this animation reaches more than 200 upvotes within first 24 hours since the upload,
I will provide you a version with sockless Sci-Twi as well! ♥

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