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Page 110 — Undead Alewives

No guest author today. Guest strips take time to approve and create, especially on short notice. But that's okay; I had a couple of backups prepared. Hopefully, I'll have a nice buffer for you before the next update.

Anyway, here's some relevance.

This is an alternate joke that was originally planned to go somewhere in the 80-82 page range. But those strips called for a little more dramatic tension (that wouldn't survive getting blown apart by a cultural reference), so I scrapped it. I kept the script, though.

Well, this is neat: The podcast Trek West 5 mentioned me in their latest episode! Looks like I beat out Titanic Super 3D and a couple others for "best link shared on their Facebook Wall this week."

The comic is mentioned about 10-11 minutes into the episode, or you can listen to it here.

DM: Twilight, you’ve used a minor action… Now what?
Twilight Sparkle: Now? NOW?? Uh… hmm. Not much else to do but attack, so… I cast Magic Missile!
Rainbow Dash: You… You cast WHAT? Y-You actually took…! BWAAAAHAAHAAHAAA!!
Twilight Sparkle: Huh? What…?
Rainbow Dash: “I wanna cast… Magic Missile.”
Fluttershy: …“Roll the dice to see if I’m getting drunk!”
Applejack: “I’m attacking the darkness!”
Pinkie Pie: PFFT, she actually IS attacking the darkness! Literally!
DM: Girls… girls, this is kinda supposed to be a dramatic moment…
Rarity: I officially don’t know ANY of you.
safe1585826 artist:newbiespud1300 edit119068 edited screencap56915 screencap203123 applejack159881 fluttershy199256 nightmare moon15980 pinkie pie204404 rainbow dash220588 rarity170670 twilight sparkle284375 alicorn197511 earth pony202787 pegasus243674 pony853410 unicorn270258 comic:friendship is dragons1459 friendship is magic2533 collaboration4876 comic102129 dialogue60875 ethereal mane6729 eyes closed81032 female907756 glowing horn16863 hoof shoes4221 horn44584 laughing7194 lip bite10474 mane six29630 mare419709 screencap comic4201 starry mane3447 unicorn twilight13160


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