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Yep these these two are madly in love with spike and will do anything to impress him.
artist needed (24030) safe (1486463) edit (106379) edited screencap (49022) editor:undeadponysoldier (975) screencap (184642) dizzy twister (909) lilac sky (130) merry may (625) orange swirl (907) rainbowshine (726) sassaflash (769) spike (70860) spring step (182) sunlight spring (182) sunshower raindrops (2131) dragon (42323) pegasus (207431) pony (764863) rainbow falls (1503) background pony (8192) bow (21132) cheerleader (2278) cheerleader outfit (644) clothes (376244) eyes on the prize (4476) female (811107) lilspike (2) love triangle (371) lucky bastard (1937) male (276255) mare (366451) pleated skirt (3662) shipping (171979) skirt (33102) spelling (18) spike gets all the mares (650) spikelove (1087) straight (113834) sunlightspike (2)


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I have no soul
Man someone should sell plushies like that on amazon there’s a lot of mlp characters that I have yet to see sold on amazon or eBay like diamond tiara, silver spoon, cup cake, cozy glow, the Sphinx, smolder, ember and a lot more that I want a plushie of.
Background Pony #F595
Would have been better with Shimmy Shake and Lighthoof (the cheerleader ponies from 2, 4, 6, Greaat).