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So. It's done. I've been doing this for months now. Not solidly, I grant you, but months. Ever since the last Solar drawing, actually. So, that's… Vaguely four months. I know, I know. It's still terrible for the time spent, but at the end of the day, I have to move on.

I found myself just continually drawn into this image, adding little bits every few days. Oh, yeah, I wasn't working solidly. I have a lot of other things going on, it wasn't like I was shifting my life around this image. Either way, I could go on forever with this drawing; the difference between the first file and the last is astonishing, and that 'first file' is just the first since I last cleaned out my folder. I could go on, adding cracks to things, shadows to doorframes, a vignette, dust, proper fur… But… At what point, would it just be better to start a new image, instead of just redrawing the same one over, and over, and over.

I want to do other things, other characters, other places. So, here I am. Posting an image that, like all of them, I will never be happy with. But it's about time it went up. It's about time I posted, once again. And hopefully, this will happen more often.

This benchmark of my 'progress', it's by far the longest I plan on spending on one image. From now on, they will be looser, and more frequent. Focusing on form, function, and theory; rather than sheer detail.

Be sure to check out the story based around the main character in this image:

Sorry to the people I asked for OCs. It wasn't as grand as I'd been hoping. But, hey. It's here.

Thanks to:
Galinn Arts
SyberRyn/Syber/Bonus Soda

Drawing your characters kept me a little saner, for a little longer.

Better up than off. Do as you will.
safe1640351 artist:littlepony11549 applejack164632 oc643668 oc:azure ruby1 oc:galinn light7 oc:nine the divine14 oc:solar eclipse52 oc:sun draw2 oc:waves56 original species23213 pegasus266371 plush pony191 anthro245951 plantigrade anthro30002 absurd resolution64864 barefoot26272 bed38728 bedroom9434 blue eyes4515 blue hair868 book32030 book cover289 bookmark225 bookshelf3353 candle4485 candlestick49 cardboard124 cardboard box690 ceiling52 ceiling light46 chest562 chest fluff35485 concentrating172 cover2840 cube173 cubes23 curved horn6316 desk3071 door3808 doorknob83 doorway346 ear fluff26330 earth pony oc5785 feet37575 female1305982 floor281 gray fur16 grey fur70 hallway844 horn55969 lighting356 mare450220 mirror4966 note567 pegasus oc8041 photo77253 picture1221 picture frame740 plant2004 plushie22949 potted plant475 prone24455 quill2619 rain5826 reading6002 scroll3267 solo1020721 the pose148 too many tags17 unicorn oc6345 vinyl figure62 volumetric light64 voodoo doll206 walls40 weather123 window7943 wood717


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