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An old ref I drew awhile back but forgot to upload.

srry for the same description as her last picture

Anywho her name I wanted to some better and more original than celestalis or something among those lines. So I decided to look up alternative words for chrysalis and the word "nymph" came up which has a definition of a infant or child. Then I decided to mix it with the Latin phrase "inter alia" which means "among other things." So her name basically means a Child among other things which I like to think is a reference to the fact that she comes from a mix between a pony and a changeling making her not really one or the other.

And obviously its not in my cannon that her mothers are Celestia and Queen Chrysalis since that would pretty much make her a mary sue on the spot.

so basically I'm gonna try to sum up the story here.

A little after the land of Equestria was formed and the tribes united they discovered the fairly new Changeling kingdom. The kingdom had a very impressive army which was taking over land very quickly and draining the love from the ponies who inhabited it. Equestria noticed the danger they where in and not having a army ready for battle they knew that they had to achieve piece by other means. Decided to hold a meeting with the changeling to see if they could reach a agreement. After several hours of debating they proposed that one of the tribe leaders would give up one of their daughters as tribute knowing that the changeling kind had lost his queen in battle a year prior and that he would need a replacement if he wanted his legacy to carry on. The changeling king liked this idea very much since he had eye on the unicorn kings daughter Princess Platinum for awhile. The unicorn king was very hesitant to let her go but the urging of the other tribe leaders convinced him.
Nymphalia would end up being the child of the changeling king and Princess Platinum and would soon become Queen. Nymphalia after being crowned queen marries her childhood friend and the changeling kingdoms finest military leader Arachnid Echo. Taking after her mother Princess Platinum Nymphalia only wants to make piece with the other nations and eventually goes on to work with the crystal empire, They arrange for the crystal ponies once a month to give extra love to the changelings in return for piece and protection. After about 10 years of piece and stability and the birth of their daughter Chrysalis The griffons had declared war on the pony nation. And since they had their alliance with both the crystal empire and Equestia the changelings had no choice but to join the fight. Unfortunately 2 years into the gruesome war both Nymphalia and Arachnid Echo where tragically killed in a griffon ambush. the very young Chrysalis hearing this news was horribly distraught and confused, all she knew is that the ponies had made her parents leave and now they were dead. This is her reason for her extreme hatred for ponies and refusal to be reformed.


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