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suggestive (120044) artist:jargon scott (1932) coco pommel (5272) earth pony (172207) pony (778045) coco is an anal slut (223) cocobetes (520) coffee mug (1013) cute (162804) dingus (4) doctor (604) duo (43458) embarrassed (9351) female (824909) grayscale (32550) hoof hold (6595) implied anal insertion (161) implied insertion (243) looking away (3018) male (281656) mare (374420) monochrome (139886) mug (3402) sad (21558) sadorable (511) stallion (82625) teary eyes (2745) x-ray (6008) x-ray picture (133)


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
I think the correct kind of scolding should read, "That's not what coffee mugs are for".

I know we're all up for a good challenge, but please, for your own safety, be realistic. There are two huge problems with this — First, never use something so wide — the cup itself is already on the dangerously large side, the handle makes it worse. Second, NEVER use a glass or ceramic object. I don't care how confident in the object you feel — if it's not specifically made for that purpose (i.e smooth glass dildo), it's not worth the risk. People have died this way. Glass jars can break, people can suffer for weeks because of the cuts, and it can get infected in a place you can't reach to treat.

There are some kinds of pain so bad you would wish you could die. Don't risk getting glass shards lodged up in there in a certain way that reaching for one could jab others in deeper.

I'm lucky enough to never have experienced this personally, but believe me, I've heard stories and I've seen nightmares.
Background Pony #4F01
>"Doctor, I was just trying to heat it up. I'm part kirin on my mother's side."
>"Not buying it."

@Background Pony #19E0
I believe you. I haven't seen such a wall, but I have several medical professionals and first responders among my friends and family, plus a shall-not-be-named large teaching hospital in my hometown. I have seen little, but heard much…
Background Pony #420F
At a hospital in a shall-remain-unspecified Southern state, there is a room used by the gastroenterology staff as a workroom. And on one wall there are many plastic bags, each containing an item that was retrieved by one of the doctors.

I saw things, man. I saw things.