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I have no idea what to tag this liquid color (╥ω╥)
safe1586830 screencap206346 sunset shimmer57547 equestria girls182972 equestria girls series29250 let it rain187 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12165 animated92904 clothes414871 colors109 dripping4674 eyes closed81420 female1207407 gif28298 glow3938 hands together168 liquid rainbow89 rain5615 singing5843 smiling218261 solo982716 splash318 wet hair682


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4 comments posted

Why the hay not?
I have no idea what to tag this liquid color (╥ω╥)

Looks like liquid rainbow to me.
Now insert every RD's body fluids joke you want

First Rainbow spanking her, now this… dang but they're kinky XD
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