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safe1585602 screencap206097 luster dawn1091 silverstream5427 starlight glimmer44563 sunburst5943 twilight sparkle283679 alicorn199394 classical hippogriff4508 hippogriff8467 pony855768 unicorn273474 the last problem4381 female1185629 headmare starlight65 male324486 mare426531 older23394 older silverstream112 older starlight glimmer122 older sunburst50 princess twilight 2.01766 school of friendship1116 stallion94251 sunburst the bearded34 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116161


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Background Pony #0EF5
Glad he says she’s not, I agree with Jim’s argument too, but at the same time I’m also happy that Haber said she is, cause her design is just too good for a starburst love child to past, and this is exactly like the Sunset Shimmer situation, they deny it but they still joked about it. Also on Haber honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he sneaked in on designing Luster, telling the designer crew to make her as if she’s a Starlight/Sunburst fusion
Background Pony #9CF7
@Background Pony #392B
I heard there's still stuff with titles:
— A-Dressing Memories
— Cakes for the Memories
— Memnagerie
— Deep Tissue Memories
— Harvesting Memories
— Memories and More
But those mostly reuse clips from s01-s09, so I dunno if they can be called "specials" or not.

Sandwich Inspector
Well, the cutiemark says it all in my opinion. Then there's her name. Luster Dawn. Sounds exactly like the kind of name the daughter of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst would have. I consider it to be canon even though it wasnt out right stated, because it certainly seemed like the writers wanted people to come to that conclusion.
Background Pony #44C8
@Background Pony #DC04
Not likely. Sunset is perfectly happy living out her life in the human world.

And they would never add anything about Sunset to the show proper. Sunset was only part of a montage, which has nothing to do with the actual show world.
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Background Pony #CBD5
Maybe she's Sunset's child? They went to the trouble of canonizing her in this show. It would fit her design, theme, and her unfamiliarity with the setting that argues against being Starlight's.
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Background Pony #44C8
Should have been Starlights daughter.

She just looks so much like a mixture of Starlight and Sunburst.
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Background Pony #DF32
I’m guessing the pink pony is probably Twilight’s protege and she set her to the school of friendship for complet her formation! Twilight most be the new teacher of the school of magic!( like her formal Mentor!)
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