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safe1586855 edit119632 edited screencap57272 screencap206349 applejack159896 fluttershy199784 pinkie pie204435 rainbow dash220961 rarity171138 spike74469 twilight sparkle283858 alicorn199677 dragon48954 earth pony205983 pegasus247457 pony856991 unicorn274036 friendship is magic2577 the last problem4391 alternate hairstyle24818 animated92906 book30786 book end5 book of harmony80 feels1539 female1207436 flying34769 male329541 mane six29691 mare427091 medal509 older23420 princess twilight 2.01769 sitting55872 smiling218266 sound7292 the ride is over6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116234 webm10847 winged spike7426


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