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safe1602177 edit121846 edited screencap58777 screencap209234 applejack161438 fluttershy201540 pinkie pie206129 rainbow dash222652 rarity172615 spike75182 twilight sparkle286360 alicorn203099 dragon49947 earth pony211371 pegasus252704 pony870660 unicorn279736 friendship is magic2620 the last problem4616 alternate hairstyle25298 animated93543 book31210 book end5 book of harmony93 feels1544 female1274529 flying35171 male339093 mane six30155 mare433594 medal516 older23898 princess twilight 2.01905 sitting56716 smiling221478 sound7523 the ride is over6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117433 webm11125 winged spike7667


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