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Background Pony #3736
If You Harm Starlight Glimmer As A Human Man I'll Beat You, & Toss You in The Ground, & Punch Your Face Hard With A BaseBall Bat Slamming Repeat Until Your Face, Horn, Or Head Bleeds Chrysails. You Stay Away From My Friend Glim Glam Alone You Bug Queen Changeling. You Hear Me?
Background Pony #C5F8
Chrysalis blasts Starlight and Celestia saves her.

'Not my little pony, you bitch!'
Background Pony #6F8C
Let it be said, this is just really cute and sweet. Celestia being protective of Starlight like this.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Now my respect for these two has been realized. They are finally being shown directly protecting others, especially someone you are meant to have an attachment to.

@Background Pony #2B58

Dug a path through the dirt.
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