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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

@A Gruntman

Also, Starlight only lost to Chrysalis the first time because of a serious power disadvantage (which is absolutely true for the second time too, in addition to being outnumbered). She comes across as being significantly more skilled at combat than Chrysalis is, and if the latter had a comparable (or arguably lower, judging from how she's weaker than a Twilight clone made of wood, without her hive) level of power, Starlight would take her down pretty much every time, IMO.

Which if you think about it, it makes sense because Chrysalis hasn't really won a fight without a notable power advantage or the element of surprise, has she?

In other words, I like to think Starlight is generally someone who doesn't need to be as strong or stronger than you to be a problem, so long as she can hurt you, while Chrysalis is used to brute forcing her way through with superior power, and/or surprising the opponent, and her reliance on minions didn't do her any favors.
Background Pony #B945
Season 6: Starlight saves everyone from Chrysalis, she must be a mary-sue.

Season 9: Starlight gets captured by Chrysalis and friends, she’s weak and powerless.

Looks like writers finally learned their lesson by listening to the fans. sarcasm
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